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Japan IP Network Co., Ltd. (JIPN) commenced in 2005 to provide professional marketing and connectivity to overseas companies which seek to develop business in Japan. Its service is directed to companies that are:

We are also providing services to Japanese companies and organizations as well. For those which have technology and IP related needs such as licensing, portfolio appraisals, royalty auditing, Intellectual property and business valuations, patent and technology analysis, etc., we ensure that their requirements are handled by professionals who we work with and are best qualified in this segment.

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Hitoshi Yoshino, Managing Director, has 20 years of experience in technology and patent transfer business including 14 years representing BTG, which was originally a large public technology transfer organization based in London and also QED Intellectual Property Ltd., a UK-based technology transfer company spun out of EMI. He has been engaged in licensing projects for technologies that include medical devices, electric components, plastics, chemicals, automobiles and pharmaceuticals. Having been engaged in technology and intellectual property related activities for many years, he has established extensive networks with many corporate, universities, research institutes, legal and patent firms and also governmental bodies in this market.

He is actively involved in intellectual property related events sponsored by the Japan Patent Office (JPO) and its affiliated organizations as a lecturer for training courses, moderator and panelist for symposiums, etc.

1990 − 2000: BTG plc., Representative in Japan
2000 − 2003: QED Intellectual Property Ltd., Representative in Japan
2003 − 2004: IPX Corporation, CEO
2005 − Japan IP Network Co., Ltd. Managing Director